…Right. Please Read, Share & Support Ms. Susan Bernard Save Wild & Domestic Horses From Being Slaughtered!

Ms. Susan Bernard is desperately, tirelessly, selflessly trying to save local wild & domestic horses from the horrors of kill buyers. Just this morning she explained to me that “Hope” her most recent rescue had been left to die at the side of her slaughtered Mother (along with 18 others). She is doing this more or less alone. Her GoFundMe Campaign has less than $700 in it. She’s trying to get ready for the “next round”, which comes about daily. At the same time caring for the rescue’s herself & handling their adoptions personally. Way too much for anyONE.

PLEASE …before you buy another Valentine’s gift for anyone…consider helping Ms. Bernard give the Gift Of Life & Real, True Love to desperately needing & deserving creatures, The Majestic Horses.

Link To “We Are Their Voices” Horse Rescue at GoFundMe.

Also, please check out her Facebook Page, “We Are Their Voices”.

Please be on the look out for a petition to FINALLY make “kill buying” illegal… since its not.   :/

Article From Humane Society.org About “kill buyers” In The US.

Thank you. Peace.



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